Sunday, October 31, 2010

Be happy (^-^)

After gone through the most tough period yesterday, I'm back with the new spirit of not quiting. Yes, yesterday I'm quite down, frustrated, depressed & disappointed with myself but suddenly this morning something popes up in my mind " Why am I so weak? This is not me!!" & now once again I'm the happy Nasrin (^-^). Oh yesterday to make myself happy, I went out with my friends, Azra & Yaya..we went to Megamall ( I don't really like this place though) & played in the games center..even though I'm not sort of gamer but still I enjoyed playing shooting game there..seems like I'm relieving my stress by killing haha..after that Azra & Yaya planned to play bowling but somehow the place is crowded with peoples..yeah Saturday is a crowd we just go shopping a bit..I shopped junk foods only..after all i need something to much when I'm stress..RM15 was spent on junk food..worth it? kind of...then I went to KFC to buy dinner for my KFC I met a Korean guy huhu but can't talk much with him coz my orders are ready...huhu he had a cute accent when speaking in English hehehe (#^-^#)..then me & Azra went to computer's shops behind Megamall in order to survey price for MP3..she needs one i think...after that we went back to Mahallah with my room don't know why I become so depressed again so i took my shower, wait till Isya' & then i slept till 6am in this morning fuh quite relieving..ok so I think I just need to be patient till I get my degree & after that I can do whatever I've planned before huhuhu (^-^)

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