Monday, October 18, 2010


What will u feel if somebody telling u that u r too choosey?  I don't mind it b'coz if u didn't choose & make a decision without thinking u might end up lose everything. For me, choose wise & make a decision after thinking the consequence will bring more benefits & even if I make a mistake, I still feel satisfy b'coz that is my decision & I responsible for it.
hee nim huhu love him
In choosing partner, lot of peoples say that "if u're too choosey, u'll end up become "andartu"( i don't know what it is in English) which mean a girl that didn't married. In my opinion, choosing a life partner is difficult & sometimes I think better if my parent arrange it..huhu but my mom said "choose ur own life-partner" oh no......
Haih don't want 2 think about it right now...
When comes to choose to buy comics, I don't even bother & pick every japanese manga release by Gempak Starz huhuhu this is what I call the only exception...
I'm choosey when comes to food ( can't take too spicy food), accommodation, transport & location.
FYI the only thing that keep me stay in Kuantan is the green forest nearby my room huhu so refreshing if u open the window in the early morning..but careful not to let the monkeys in huhuhu...u never knew when they'll barge in huhuhu..ok its late already..adios (^-^)

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