Friday, October 15, 2010


kissing bear..taken from playful kiss webpage
Obviously not me...its my second cousin, Ayu engagement & its 2moro...too bad i can't go home due to my ASR program & Pharmacology quiz on Monday plus my body is in a very weak condition...ok I got a fever+cough+cold..3 in 1...whateva i juz need to be strong and fight with it...i summon all my immune soldiers!!!
ok actually i remembered one incident between me & her when i was a kiddo..ok it started like this....i was playing with my sister @ Tok Anjang's house...suddenly she came & asked me to play with her so I said "ok but u must not cry if anything happen b'coz i'm really a rough person" she agreed so we started playing..i took her hand and spin her around..suddenly i lost my grip & coincidently tossed her..she fell & broke her nail so as a normal girl whom so delicate she cried out loud...OMG I were panicked @ that time & her parent really mad with me...with all the ego i had @ that time i said "It's her asked me to play"..huhuhu cruel right? I don't know where i got the courage to speak really rude @ that time...
However, I want to congratulate her on her engagement & really want to tell her that it is not fair b'coz she engage b4 me & her elder sister do..huhuhuhu be happy v(^-^)v


perindu_خلافة said...

hahaha.. memg kejam gilew jawapan tuh,
tapi nak buat camne kn,
da ade agreement yg dibuat before maen tuh...
so rizQan sokong lyana >_<

SyafakALlah ^_^

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hahaha thanks rizqan (^-^)
mmg terasa diriku kejam haha
muka parent die terkejut gile bl kte ckp mcm 2..huhuhu (@.@)..
ape2 pun still feel sorry towards her

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