Thursday, October 7, 2010


Everyday i shock! Every night i shock! Ok this is not an entry about my favorite Korean band, Beast. Today in counselling class, my instructor told us that we are compulsory to attend two talks during IKOD...hohoho I'm shock coz this is too sudden and most of my friends are planning to go home during this weekend..poor them but if I'm in their place, i will juz ignore the fact that I need to attend that talk and go straight home..I don't really care about the consequences if I really decide on something..actually after hearing that my ASR program is postpone till next week, I think I want to go home (again?!) but after thinking about the expenses and my Pharmacology lab on Friday, i cancel my plan and yes I guess I'm going to that talk..
Picasso's painting..haha actually it my sister's, Alisa

What do you guys do when you want to release tension? Me? Reading my comics..hahaha an obvious answer..the other alternative is blogging huhuhuhu..i really like to write anything that cross my mind hehe..insyaAllah I'll update my blog from time to time...ok about above picture..hahaha that is the picture which make me and my elder sister laugh hard youngest sister drawing when she was in standard 1 haha but still the teacher praised her hahaha...what a hypocrite human hahaha...

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