Sunday, October 24, 2010

When at home

inside the car..making poyo face haha
Home= outing with my sisters..yup outing almost everyday..On Friday morning, me,Jiyah &Dini accompany my elder sister to Unisel to get her academic transcript & few things done. Unisel = Africa...the place is too hot till I can't imagine how people there can survive in such a hot climate (sorry I can't stand it)..because of all Unisel's staffs had a course in that morning, me & my sisters head back to Rawang town. Yeah who wants to stay there till 2.45pm? We grab our breakfast at McD & went back home. At home I managed to do some of my works & at 2 pm we head back to Unisel. Just because my elder sis need to settle a lots of things, we need to stay for quite a long time in Unisel..huhu I played a lot of stupid things with Jiyah haha really looked like crazy people & even my elder sis ashamed with us..huhu but nothing can stop us coz we are to bored waiting..while Dini stay quite far from us just starred at us & felt annoyed huhuhuhu..after get things done, we went back night, we went back to KKB huhu it is a must for me to meet my Koh Saerah whenever I'm home..we stayed for a night at KKB & went back to Rawang this evening. Quite short period there but having a great time with my koh Saerah huhuhu...oh forgot to tell my heroes coming to my house almost everyday so I manage to played with them huhuhu really feel happy & blessed coz got to see Aqil, Wafiq & Aqlan..their sister asked me " u got too excited over them, I can't imagine how will u react towards ur own children" huhuhu i don't know but I think maybe overjoyed every time i see them huhuhu...hope Allah will blessed me with children when i got married..(^-^)
Dini bored waiting face..huhuhu
Dini & Jiyah...almost same height 
Wafiq & Aqil followed my family to birthday party at Rawang Perdana, this is their picture after the party (didn't manage to get picture from party coz I'm to old to go there huhu). Below is Aqlan sweet dream moment huhu..he came to my house on last Friday & after played for a quite short time, he felt asleep..haha so cute (^-^)

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