Saturday, November 20, 2010

Babe u got a wrong number+person

Last evening while I was landing on my beautiful library+bed, somebody was calling so i pick up the phone
" hello ah lui?"
"sorry sir u got a wrong number"
"who's this?"
(with innocent tone)
"I'm Nasrin"
"what? Nasir?"
" no I'm Nasrin"
(again) "sir u got a wrong number"
"Nasrin..where do u live?"
(innocent again)
"oo i live in Rawang too"
"hmm u got a wrong number" ( losing my patience)
"Nasrin are u married"
"oo what a shame..thinking want to get to know u (other word "mengorat")"
(then i hung up the phone)
What do u think? am i doing the right thing? am i too "high standard?"..whatever maybe I'm single but I'm not cheap+I hate people who try to flirt by phone..see I lied about my marital status b'coz I can't stand him asking me bunch of questions..hmm usually if person dialed a  wrong number they will hung up after we told him that he/she got a wrong number but this guy ridiculously want to flirt after dialed a wrong number..ceh what a cheap person..are u too desperate? thank God coz he's calling me using an office number so he can't call me again or not i think i'll hand my phone to my dad & let him "negotiate" with my dad..last time my elder sister asked my dad help when a worker in her university called her several times per day & he's so damn my dad "negotiate" with him & till today there is no more call from him huhuhu serves him right..oh forgot to tell my dad is police pensioner so he's strict& most of guys i know kinda scared with him hehe..
Actually I really don't believe in concept knowing people without knowing the detail i mean face to face..even with my ex, I took 3 years to get to know him b4 getting serious but still end up (break up) after dating for 3 months..huhu seems like 3 is my unlucky number but who cares? i think know the person b4 getting involve in serious relationship is really important b'coz there is no such thing as "love at the first sight"..if u know somebody by YM,MSN or even by a call, there is still doubt+invalid information about the person..myb he put somebody else pic or just randomly put a profile info + he might people especially girls, please do not trust anybody u meet on9 b'coz u never knew who's behind the screen (^-^)


perindu_خلافة said...

hahaha.. same situation wif me lor~
da bgitaw salah no pun still tanye bukan²,
at the end no dia terus kena barr dari call@msg rizQan, huh~ kan x pasal² da kena..

padan muka, huhuhu ^_^

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hai lo...
grm sgt sbb byk kali bgtau die salah no..
nsb baik pki no office klu x kte iklankn no die kat internet br pdn muke die huhuhu(jht x?)

perindu_خلافة said...

kalo nak balas boleh je kan,
hahaha.. [wat muka kejam sket!]
oh naseb baik arr dia tuh,
yg rizQan plak no hpne ape ntah start 010,
ade je smpan lagi n save atas nama 'Damn', huhuhu

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hehe rizqan kejam??
hahaha x percaya (ulang 15 kali)
hooo okla klu mcm 2 Rizqan blh trace klu die call..
kte plak trs delete no 2 huhuhuhu..

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