Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary to my parent

my parent..arghh sorry i don't have their wed pic..

1st December 1985 is the historical date for my parent as that day they tie a knot and legally being husband and wife. Fuh what an intro! Ok briefly after their marriage, they live with my Koh Saerah for awhile and moved to Perak as my father at that time just started to be a policeman. My elder sister was born on 25 February 1987, me 1st November 1988, Nadirah 30th August 1991, Wani 20th January 1996 and lastly Alisa 27 July 2000. My father was quite frustrated because he really wanted a son but what can we say its Allah who decide it.So this year what kind of celebration we should do? A dinner? Or just treat it like the other day....hoho i don't know coz I'm still in my Koh Saerah's house they need to wait for me if they want to pull off anything thats all folks till i have the idea again (^-^)

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