Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick update :)

Hi guys (^-^) feeling weird with my post lately? I've been posting a lot of song lyrics in my blog. The reason behind it are......hahaha actually my brain cannot function really well during exam period & I'm quite lazy to find any topic to post hehehhe sorry readers....the songs I posted are quite interesting and nowadays, i was fond with TRAX - Oh my goddess huhu it has a good tempo & quite a refreshing song.
In my place, its been raining almost everyday & even some area such as Kedah & Kelantan are flooding because of this heavy rain. But, actually I really like rainy day because I love the scent of the rain & it's cold till can makes me sleepy huhu not really good during this exam period haha
Yesterday I took a lot of dramas & movie from my friend's external hd haha so I've been watching drama instead of studying hoho I'll be punish soon I guess..sorry mom can't help it (TT.TT) hopefully today will be studying day hehehehe hope so (>O<)

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