Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is me..

I'm juz a normal plain girl who dreams big
doesn't even care about what peoples expectation towards me 
because I AM WHO I AM
but still I'll strive my best for myself.

I don't want to involve in puppy love
as it will still HURT
when the break up happen
when the only one who's HURT is me.

Commitment & determination are hard to find
but still they're two elements that I LOVE most
as I always lacking off
and sometimes quiting before things get done.

Family and friends always my priority
but sometimes I'm being selfish 
when I feel being used by others
or left behind without reasons.

Love is a trivial thing for me
as I don't know how to LOVE
and afraid may end up HURT
but still I want to give all my LOVE to ALLAH.

Marriage & Babies are two different things to me
I want to have babies
but I afraid of getting marriage
because it need a GOOD MAN to start with.

GOOD MAN is hard to find 
I can easily to LIKE people
but to LOVE 
it may takes years to consider.

However this is me
still looking forward for tomorrow
and what will be, will be.

by: Norlyana Nasrin binti Zulkifli (24/11/2010 : 12.40pm)
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