Thursday, November 25, 2010

War between North & South Korea

Maybe some of us not aware about the war between North & South Korea but actually it happening now. I was really afraid if this war turns out really badly as they are the same nation but fighting with each other. It will be never ending war as both of them have a strong alliance ; South Korea - US and North Korea - China, but still I believe both of them can settle down quickly if they deal this problems by themselves without involving their alliances. Try to figure out who'll get benefit from this war? US had been stalked on North Korea since they knew about North Korea nuclear bomb program. Looking from this perspective, I assume that US used the bad relationship  between North & South Korea as the reason to starts the war. They bombed South Korea's ship and blamed it on North Korea (think about the possibility, US attacked the Arab's country because of what? nuclear bomb!!). As the South Korea citizens hurt emotionally, they made a false assumption & the war started. The summit between North & South can never be achieved if both of them didn't trust each other & believe me they are the same nation & they shouldn't fight but try to create peace. This is only my own view any comments are welcome (^-^)

p/s: all my sisters are worried about their favourite idols in South Korea while I'm worried about South Korea ecology & North Korea citizens

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