Friday, December 3, 2010


방지(bang ji) means avoid. I don't know why I love to avoid anything that burdensome. Ok actually I avoid to mingle with some people because of their personality. It is me at fault? If I don't like those people, why should I being a hypocrite and talk to them like nothing? Maybe I can be a hypocrite but my face will show off my true feeling. Many people thought that I'm easy to talk to but it doesn't mean that I'm easy to close with. Yeah I'm talkative and playful but if somebody get into my bad side I guess they need to do something to make me feel worth to be with them. Avoiding them will make me feel secure in my own safe atmosphere but still I always give a chance to them. Hoho sounds like I'm high & mighty but I'm not ok? Yeah people make mistakes and I also make mistakes because nobody perfect bla bla bla..who am I to judge people? But still if I can avoid, I'll avoid if not just enjoy it..woohoo..
p/s: this entry is made by moody+crazy person (actually I feel like I'm losing some of my brain's screw)


RuBy said...

hahah..aku baru je update blog pasal hipokrit gak..

tapi betulla, aku pun..kalu aku tak suka, tapi pura2 suka, muka nanti obvious gila nampak x suka...gagaga

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hoho we share the same wavelength hehe

aku dh try dh tp org len blh prasan yg aku x ske kt org 2..

hoho as a conclusion mke kte ni x hypocrite hehehe

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