Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Girl u have a sanguine personality (^-^)

In last IKOD event in Kuantan, I took a personality test and I found out that I'm a sanguine type of person so below are the description taken from (visit this site for more info). Check it out:

 "Sanguine personality is affected by chemical called dopamine, which makes these people intensely curious and creative. Their curiosity can be expressed in their love for reading and different kinds of knowledge. They possess high amounts of energy, so they may seem restless and spontaneous.

They are willing to take risks for the sake of pursuit of their numerous interests. These people feel bored if they are not absorbed by something intriguing.
They crave for adventure and novelty. People with sanguine personality adapt easily and generally can play many roles. They are buoyant, lively and optimistic. They prefer to live in big cities where they can satisfy their craving for variety much easier.
Sanguine people are very poor at tolerating boredom. Routine jobs, repetitive experiences, boring companions annoy and irritate them. They avoid routine and monotony at all costs. In fact they love interruptions, because they get energized during these small changes in course.
These people are impulsive. They often can't control their cravings. This is why this type is more susceptible to smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling and risky sex. Their spontaneity reflects in last-minute plans and moments of intellectual discovery.
Sanguine people are usually more creative than other type, be it poetry, music, theater, art, business or cooking. Sadly, they are also most susceptible to chemical imbalances, addictions and mood disorders.
This personality type is characterized by curiosity and wide range of interests. These people are hungry for knowledge. Some of them are walking encyclopedias, while some others visit almost every known country in the world. Many stay in school for long in order to learn and have several degrees
Dopamine activity promotes motivation and goal-oriented behavior, as well as enthusiasm, focus, assertiveness, incentive and drive to achieve. However, often sanguine people are so busy with their numerous interests that they will procrastinate completing their tasks, they are just too busy to think about deadlines.
These people are very autonomous and unconventional. They trust their impulses and take risks. Their motto is: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". They launch into projects that seem sure to fail and often win big.
People with sanguine personality are extreme optimists. They make it their job to seek joy and find a way to be happy. They are sensation seekers that derive pleasure from highly arousing experiences. They "drink life"." 
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