Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of year 2010

The last day..huhu sound so sad right? but actually we r heading to new year which mean we need to be better than last year..yeah i need to improve myself as i  grow older (not so fair coz just having my birthday last 2 month). in my head there are many plans which i need to achieve b4 i turn 30 insyaAllah I'll try my best to achieve it. I hope all my wishes become true & hopefully nothing get into my way I'm at home & alhamdulillah my fever almost recover but unfortunately i can't donate my blood for blood donation at Tesco Rawang tomorrow..haih so sad so hopefully all Rawangian will go and donate their blood as there are plenty peoples out there whom need blood to continue their life..what will i do today? hmm don't know coz i didn't plan any..myb juz spend my time with my sibling..hehe must be fun (^-^)

hmm myb some will suggest to go for new year countdown haha let me tell ya that I'm not interested in such event coz there will be crowded and I'll suffocate..not mentioning there'll be a lot of crazy people who tends to be extreme in celebrating new year by racing or crazy mad party which I can't even tolerate..hmm I'm just a conservative young lady whom love to stay at home peacefully...

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