Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taken from Shafiq_Elf blog (^-^)

1.What are you wearing now ?
T-shirt & Pants

2.Where is your position ?
 infront of my laptop

3.What the first thing you do this morning ?
 Jump off from my bed hoho

4.10 Bff names ?
-Zaidatul Nadia
-Norul Ain
-Norul Aina
-Siti Suria
-Nur Rafidah
-Nor Azra
-Safarina aka adik ipar
- Norizah

5.Your Boyfriends/Girlfriends name ?
 haha i'm single

6.Who is your favourite artist ?
 Beast, Big Bang, Super Junior, Epik High, C.N.Blue, FT Island, U-kiss, 2NE1, MBLAQ, Jaebum, JYJ, KATTUN, Heidi, The GazettE.......aih byk sgt smpi x igt

7.What do you get on your birthday ?
 chocolate from my mom
plush toy & watch from my elder sis
cushion & hp  holder from Ain & Aina

8.List 8 place you wanna go ?
-South Korea

9.If you have 10 million in your pocket ,, what will you buy ?
Buy a new house
buy Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Travel to places i mentioned above
donate to the needy
open my own company
launch my own clown mafia clan hahahahaha

10.What are you doing at 10 am sharp today ?
Still in the dream land coz last night stayed up late

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