Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Tuesday is the busiest day in my schedule for this semester. Start my class at 10am and finish it at 5 if we got 8.30pm, going to continue with my EOP class till 11pm or sometimes 10.30pm..huhu kind of exhausted but need to refrain as I need to oblige my role as a student. Today at Hematology Lab, we need to do experiments on Hematocrit and estimation of Hemoglobin concentration. It sort of easy but quite trivial and need us to prick our finger. Most of my classmates are excited to do it but I don't know why I don't have any mood of doing it so I just play around with my friends and discuss about the experiment rather than doing it myself..hmm need to change my attitude right? I saw after 4pm, most of my classmates are exhausted and cannot pay any attention to the lecturer as he tried to explain about the principle because we had Hematology class on the morning and continually listen to the blood thinggy over and over again. In EOP class, I feel really exhausted but things are getting interesting as Madam Ruhil start to talked about the Aussie accent and some of their common expression hehehehe..we done some group discussion then we free to leave after 10.30pm..thank God as this type Tuesday only happen once per 2 weeks...huhuhu

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