Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EOP is fun

Today I had an EOP class at 8.30 till 10.30pm. We had a mock meeting just now and suddenly my friend asked me to switch as a chairperson because she had no confident to be one or in her word all things just keep jumble up when she want to talk. As a good friend (ceh) I took that position and conduct a meeting which for me quite stressful because I never conduct any before. When Madam Ruhil asked any of us to volunteer, none of us raise our hand so she asked Syafinas's group to present first, but somehow it stop in the middle as they made some mistake so I volunteer to start as my group members agreed with it. Honestly, I'm trembling so hard but I acted like normal and alhamdulillah our group finished it safely even I done some mistakes so next time I'll not to repeat it again. After presenting, we felt relieve and started to do plenty of mischievous things such as taking pictures, eat sunflower's seed and joking with each other. I think all of us still immature and suppose we should be quite and listen to other groups presentation. I'm sincerely apologizes on behalf of my group members and myself for being rude and noisy. Sorry (TT.TT)

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