Monday, January 17, 2011

Me n make up

Let me tell ya'll something strange happen!! Today I went to Mary Kay Make up & Skin Care class with Ina, Amalina, Laila, Fizah n Cma hohoho..just pay rm10 and get to learn about skin care & how to to make up..huhu FYI I never like make up & I don't even wear any make up whenever I went out outing b'coz for me it is a trivial thing & just make me feel like wearing a mask. I admit sometimes I played make up with my sibling but it is just for fun & sometime I put make up when my elder sister starts her babbling about how reckless I am b'coz went out w/o any make up..haih I can't stand her babbling so I just put some on my face and feeling irritate for the whole day...ok back to the care..I never care about my skin so much but still I think it is not in worse condition hehehe...just lately I bought skin care products by Skinz but still I don't use it frequently ...ok the class took about 3 hours and we took picture after finished it..hmm sorry to say but honestly I think the product not suit to my skin as I develop pimple after that..b4 this I never think too much about putting make up but when I think about the appearance for interview session I realize that after all I need to learn a bit about make up b'coz I can't go and get interviewed with bare face..but still I think make up not suit me yet & I love my bare face more hahahaha (perasan!!)
ina n me

Cma n Amalina
huhu above are pictures taken after the make up session hahaha I think that all of us looks different huhuhu malunye....ok till next time bye yeom!!

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