Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Saturday

Start my day by waking up late because I watched Iryu Team Medical Dragon from 2am until 8.20am. That drama is so addictive so I can't stop watching it and honestly almost make me want to change my course into medic hahaha easy to say but hard to do. Went to lab for observing my specimens data at 3.30pm and went back to my room at 5.20. Pray Asar and take a nap because don't know why I felt so tired after walked from KOS. Woke up at 7.10 and took my bath after that I performed Maghrib prayer. At 8pm I went out with Aina, Ina, Amalina, Asimah and Apin for dinner in Santai Restaurant at Tanjung Lumpur. I ordered spaghetti and they ordered chicken chop. The restaurant looks great and honestly it is my first time being there. I also ordered take away lasagna as I want to eat it with my roommates. At 11 something I arrived in my room and after praying, I asked my roommates to eat lasagna with me. Something funny happen, my roommate Miss Gori tried to cook instant mee by using water heater but it turns badly and thank god she's able finished it haha..suddenly she suggest all of us put "bedak sejuk" on our faces so we just agreed and without thinking too much I put it on my face. When I asked my roommates whether I put it in a right way or not, they burst out laughing at me because I wear it like a foundation. To be honest, I don't know how to wear "bedak sejuk" so I became a laughing stock for tonight. We even took some pictures as a memory but sorry I can't upload it here as we didn't cover our aurah in our room huhuhuhu (tell me who does?). Ok soory for my boring entry but just read it if you want..ngehehe no mood liow...

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