Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Visual Lovers

What is visual lover? In my own definition, visual lover mean lover that we love base on the appearance and only appear on-screen which mean not meeting personally and more to one-sided love. Sad? I'm not because this type of lover need no commitment and even if I hurt I can always change to another visual lover. Usually my visual lover are Korean idols, Japanese idols and anime characters. Why? Because they are almost/or impossible to get and just look at their faces huhuhuhu (^-^). Here my TOP 20 Visual Lover hehehe
1. Yoon Du Joon (Beast Leader)
2. Son Dong Woon (Beast member)
3. Choi Min Ho ( Shinee member)
4. Lee Tae Min (Shinee member)
5. Lee Joon (MBLAQ member)
6. Taeyang (Dong Yong Bae, Big Bang member)
7. Lee Dong Hae (Super Junior)

8. Yoo Ah In (Eom Hong Sik)
9. Takeshi Kaneshiro
10. Naohito Fujiki
11. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)
12. Usui Takumi (Kaichou wa Maid sama)
13. Takano Kyohei (Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge)
14. Koike Teppei
15. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)

16. Morinozuka Takashi ( Ouran High School Host Club)
17. Tsuji Ryuu ( Special A)

18. No Min Woo
19. Kamenashi Kazuya
20. Mokomichi Hayami
hoho I could build a harem right? This is the way to release my tension while waiting the right person to come out. I can say that this is an oasis for me because just looking at their faces will sweep off my stress. However, need to remember this is only a visual lover and do not become too fanatic till you can't go back and face the reality ngehehe (^-^)


RuBy said...

usui aku yang punya wei!!
*tanduk naek! ">.<"

Norlyana Nasrin said...

ceh nk gaduh ke rubiah?
hehehe ade aku ksh?
huhu Usui mng anime character plg sexy kt Japan hehehe (^-^)

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