Thursday, January 20, 2011

난 정말 Sushi King 사랑!

Today me n my twin friend went to Sushi King in ECM wohoo! Actually this is the first time for us coming to Sushi King so we really excited. Before this, I went to other sushi places with my sisters so I'm quite adapt with Japanese foods. I ordered Unagi Set for myself, Nabeki set for ain and Sushi King Gozen set for aina. I'm really excited to eat unagi (eel) but unfortunately I need to change to Salmon Grilled set because there is <0.5% (sort of) of alcohol in unagi set. I'm quite surprise because before this I went to other place and eat unagi but they didn't mention about alcohol content. I guess maybe cooking style for each restaurant is different. I also ate hotake (oyster) sushi and I really recommend this sushi because hotake is cooked with tempayanki style but still you can taste the freshness of it huhu. Hmm they charge quite high for tax and service but still tolerable as we not always go there and eat right?
my Salmon Grilled set come with rice, miso soup and egg cutard

I guess next time we should explore more eating place in Kuantan as we only have 1 1/2 year to gradute..insyaAllah (^-^)


RuBy said...

aku makan sushi carefour je wei...hahhah
tempat laen tak penah makan g~ hohoho

Norlyana Nasrin said...

huhu aku fobia skit dgn sushi carrefour sbb ari 2 t'mkn yg dh spoil...
silala ke sushi king ngehehe