Thursday, January 13, 2011

What should we do during embarrassing moment..

1. Pretend that u r about to faint or just faint..
2. Laugh like nothing happen
3. Excuse yourself to toilet
4. Hit someone beside u
5. Leave immediately
6. Change the topic
7. Pretend that u r being possessed
8. Drink water and look at other place
9. Blame ur friend
10. Do a magic u c me now u don't hehehe

Hehehe these are my ideas but don't know whether it works or not..hehe why don't just give it a try? (^-^)


RuBy said...

time aku jatuh aritu~
aku gelak cam org gila
sebab malu sgt2~
that's my least nampak macam joking and tak siyes~
paling sakit kalu pipi start merah sebb malu~
lagi tambah malu wei!

Norlyana Nasrin said...

2 la aku dgr ko jatuh aku igt serius sgt smpi igt nk g melawat hahaha
skali tgk maintain je kt klas kaunseling hehe..
hehe aku tau malu btol keadaan itu huhuhu...

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