Friday, February 11, 2011


There are many rules in this world in friendship there is no rule but as long as we are being together and help each other, we will be friend forever.

Friendship means a lot but do not take it as your possession because true friend do not invade other's privacy and understand each other.

There are many types of friend but remember once you are somebody's friend it mean that person trust you and do not violate his/her trust.

Never be friend because of the advantages but be friend because you are sincere.

Human's emotion usually unpredictable as it can be controlled by hormone. However, do not hurt your friends because you are moody as they have feeling too.

Sometimes we forgot about our life purpose, true friend will be your loyal reminder even though without any pay.

However, please remember that put God, Religion a Family before friend because in this way friendship can never be a cause of trouble.

p/s: I 'm doing this entry while eating my dinner hehe  please ignore any grammatical errors muhahahahaha


RuBy said...

kengkadang tersakitkan hati kawan aku~
sedey...tapi kengkadang secara tak sengaja,,dan kdg2 tu tak tau pun that benda kecik itu boleh menguris hati~

kdg2 tu, sebab diorg sedey aku jadi lagi sedey~ haha

Aku suka r yg first tu~
true friend do not invade other's privacy and understand each other.
yup~ betul2...once invade, boleh retak wei! hehe

Norlyana Nasrin said...

tp mntk maaf dgn ikhlas mst org 2 phm (^-^)

ye bl kwn sdh kte pn mst terasa sme so buat la something utk ceriakn kwn 2 blk huhu..

huhu tq2 (^-^)
yup privacy ni xlh wat main maa..

perindu_خلافة said...

belajar sesuatu dari n3 ni~ ^_^
thanx 4 sharing..

Norlyana Nasrin said...

rizqan : u r welcome (^-^)