Friday, March 25, 2011

Ancient Alien

Yeah another review of program on my favorite channel 555, History channel. Ancient alien, mostly all about theories and evidences that alien exist in this galaxy and even came to earth since ancient time. They even relate it with pyramid, Stonehenge and some other things that I can't recall (I was too sleepy at that time). They also believe that alien came to our earth to take the natural resource of energy, Gold. Gold is a good electrical insulator and can reflect infrared. Furthermore, it can't be destroyed. Alien mined gold in Iraq, Peru and South Africa. Do you guys ever heard about animal-human hybrid? They said it is like a Frankenstein experiment to alien and even carved in pyramid's wall. Freaky? Hell yeah..they also believe that since ancient time, alien have advance technologies which can be compared off with our technologies today such as genetic and DNA modification and whatsoever. What make me surprised, they even stated that Jesus is son of alien. Pfft sorry I laughed when I heard this statement. I can conclude that alien maybe exist and maybe not. They're still creature that created by GOD and they're not GOD. I say this because these people made a statements like alien is so powerful till they can control anything happened on Earth (they said Ice Age is also created by alien haha) which is totally not true. Well this type of program is good to makes your brain work but do not accept anything blindly, use your own knowledge and make your own judgement.

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