Friday, March 25, 2011

Brad Meltzer's Decoded - The Lincoln Assassination

Woah wanna know something? I watched channel 555 and was fascinated with this program. Brad Meltzer and his team want to find out whats behind Lincoln death, which they're more focused on the assassin itself; John Wilkes Booth, whom found death inside the Garreth'S family garage. Whats make things becomes interesting is the body inside the garage is believed not John Wilkes.

 The are differences in hair color; they found a man with red hair color while supposed John's hair is black in color, the man also looked older than John at that time. Furthermore, the body were autopsies on a ship/boat called Montauk and the detail about autopsy were lost. However, the spine of "John" still stored in one University's Hospital. Some believed that John escaped from the garage and ran to the South changed his identity to John St Helen. What I can conclude here the death of this assassin is quite mysterious and guys if you want to find out more tune in to Astro channel 555 (^-^)

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