Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Nasrin Reactivated

Ok sure you guys who read knew I'm being such a pessimist last few days and now I'm declaring that I'm back! Huhu after getting some advices, I feel more relieve. From now on I'll try not to be pessimist anymore coz its sadden me when my friend said " U r no longer happy go lucky girl like before"..sorry..that problem makes me stress so now I don't care about it anymore! As long as I'm being moderate and do some sacrifice I think I'll be ok huhu. I'm going home this evening after counseling class. Honestly I want to skip counseling class but suddenly madam asked all group member to present and taking an individual mark. Aih what a spoiler..oh have u guys eaten? I'm eating spaghetti now huhu adios...


RuBy said...

Hai happy nasrin~
bestnya ko dah lepas kaunseling...
aku ngantuk gila2 dlm kelas semalam~
hahhaha.. mesti ko nampak aku tersenguk2~

btw, glad to have you back...heheh

Norlyana Nasrin said...

hai sleepy rubiah!
oh yeke ptt la muke semacam je haha..
lps present aku trs blah huhuhu..

huhu thanks (^-^)