Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh my friends~

Recently I figured out some of my friends are facing with lots of problems. Yeah as a friend I'm really concerned about them and hope they can get through it. I faced it before and I even cried in front of my friends (this is unusual for me of course). When I'm alone, I tend to cried more often because of "that" particular problem. Surprisingly, after getting some advice and go home meeting my parent and my siblings "that" problem is no longer haunting me. Now I can shout out loud that I got through it already and nothing can make me sad. What can we do when we're stress? It is different for each person and it also based on their personality. What can we do are:
1. sleep

2. go out to release some tension

3. exercise

4. buy thing that u like

5. eat something nice

6. seek advice from parent or reliable friend
7. seek professional help.
8. pray to god
9. joking with your problem (mean don't take it seriously)
10. write it on a paper and burn it.
11. find a stranded and quiet place and then SCREAM!
12. make origami
13. drawing
14. take a day off and go for holiday
15. read motivational book or something funny.

These are the things that u can try to do when u're stress. Please take note that this are only suggestions made by a person whom faced a high-level of stress before (me) and able to survive. Thank you..
p/s: I'm happy if some of the suggestions can be helpful..(^-^)


perindu_خلافة said...

lyana =-> thanx yarkh for all da advices, hopefully rizQan boleh guna tips2 tu untuk masa akan datang, sebenarnya keadaan semalam makin baik bila tiba-tiba je rasa nak layan OH!Tidak, huhuhu "Hero Hebat Melampau"

Norlyana Nasrin said...

huhuhu wlcm...oh hoho jgn layan sgt -ve feeling sbb nnt bl dh terperangkap ssh nk kuar...huhuhu.."Hero Hebat Melampau"????

RuBy said...

nice entry btw! *thumbs up!
dulu cara sleep itu sangat berkesan~ skang dah tidak~
skang, kalu aku ade masalah kawan, cth pasal kwan A, aku g mintak nasihat ngan kawan B...
tapi mostly, skang kalu ade masalah ngan kawan, aku wat doh je~ hati dah KENTAL...byk kali dah kena~ hahahah

ntahnya rizqan, jangan dilayan sangat~ takpun layan sikit2 je~ kang melarat, JIWA lak kang~
selamat mengentalkan hati!!

Norlyana Nasrin said...

ooh aku klu ade prob dgn kwn aku lbh sng snyp je xpn wat bnd len..huhu

rubiah keKENTALan itu penting!!

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