Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peace at home

Hey guys I'm at home!! Thanks to my friend, Rinie for sending me back yesterday after counseling presentation. Arrived at Rawang at 10pm and I'm helping my mom to cut off  "siput sedut" buttock huhu don't know the real name. So our lunch today (5/3/11)  is "siput sedut masak gulai lemak cili api" huhu yummy2x

Oh I also became a masseuse because I massaged my elder sister's leg huhu..she became company's ambassador  for MIFF exhibition at PWTC so she hurt her leg as she need to stand for day long huhu poor her.
.hmm basically I'm just relaxing at home and doing nothing assignment? huhu don't want to come across that huhuhu...
ok adios :)

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