Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I walked faster as I'm feeling that I'm being stalked since at Cafe. The stalker seems to be persistent as the stalker keep following me and my friends. Yeah we are completely anxious and really want to chase the stalker away but again the stalker is stubborn and persistent. Till the main road the stalker still do not stop following us till we want to give up. "Argh let it be!", I said it out loud. My friends? Seems like they're completely absorbed with the stalker existence. Hmm quite long for the teaser?
The stalker
Yeah its a cat! This cat followed us when we went for EOP class and even wait till our class ended huhu amazing? Shall I call it "Persy?" (persistent) because it  kept following us even I chased it away with "sho sho" sound..huhu guess we are quite attractive for a cat? haha silly me..ok gotta study for OSPE..I'm group B for morning session so I'm hoping that I can answer it well huhu hopefully~ (^-^)

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