Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Lazy..

Since Friday I think I'm being lazy..huhu I abandoned all my books and didn't even take a look at my assignment..why? maybe I'm getting fed up for some moments but hoping that my study spirit will come back to me. Tsunami hits Japan..terrible but that is Allah will, as human we just can pray that everything will be alright & back to normal. Maybe this is a sign from HIM that day of destruction is approaching..yeah its coming but when? just Allah know..ok about my laziness, yeah keep watching movies, reading comics and play around with my friends BUT yesterday I went to Career Coaching Programme by Ms. Maryanni and it is really interesting!!! From how u should looks during interview until resume writing, everything is taught by her and she made it more easier..huhu really like the way how she presented all those things (^-^). The programme started at 9am till 5.30pm besides, breakfast, lunch and evening snacks are provided so I spent nothing since the programme is also FOC + will get certificate.
Now I'm eating my lunch..actually I've been eating since 11.50am but still can't finish it. Not because it is a lot but I keep runs errand for myself and friends..yeah its ok as helping them means lifting a lil bit of their burden and I don't really mind doing it..
ok now i want to continue eating..want some? say aaaa...(^0^)

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