Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet, Bitter and Funny Day

16/3/2011 will the most unforgettable day for me, Su, Ain & Aina. Its started like normal outing for us..rented a car and went to bank nearby Megamall but unfortunately, the bank blacked out so we went to KP. At KP we parked the car at car park in front KP and went shopping at KP.

 After that, we walked to nearby stores, looked out for fish (Aina wants to keep it as pet). We walked for awhile and suddenly Ain shouted happily " Aina ikan (or ikang??) ikan!!! huhu only God know how embarrassed I am because she's shouted in front the main road huhu fortunately no one there. At pet shop, lots of animals attract us..

su attracted to the chameleon 

cute? yeah it is..
Aina's satisfied face after bought some fish..
ok bitter things happened after we came back to car park, we entered the car like usual but I realized something is not right. The drawer is opened and car rent's money are gone..yeah I guess somebody's steal it but that person done it perfectly till didn't even leave any trace. I'm shocked and can't even speak at that time. We called the car owner and told him what happened and he asked us to pay for the lost money. Then, we went to CIMB bank to activate Ain's account. After that we went to Teluk Cempedak to release our tension. Yeah we're frustrated and feeling like killing somebody. 
We ate McD on the beach and rest for a while...
Aina picked up some sea shell for aquarium decoration.

we went back to IIUM at 3 pm. Hmm many things happened but we just need to go through it. Life is not always wonderful, its depends on you on how u manage the problems because it keep come and go.


RuBy said...

amboila sakan nya jalan2 di saat byk keje ni..hahhaha...

suria yg aku tau suka akn cicak~ =.="

Norlyana Nasrin said...

huhu biasela releasekn tensen...

ye beliau mmg suke akan cicak..
die tgk je chameleon 2..

malangnya tuan kedai itu kurang mesra maka agak cpt gak kami meninggalkn premis perniagaan itu..

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