Friday, April 8, 2011

아빠의 생일...

우리 아빠...
 안녕 여러분! Waa 8/4/1961 is my father's birthday..I made cake with my lovely lil sister today..check out the pictures..
my lil sister..she's taking Hospitality and Tourism in SeGi..

choco topping

i bought it when i visited Langkawi...


milk..forget the dishwasher!!

van houten cocoa powder
 to make a cake:
1. put flour 3 cups
2. put butter (half of small Buttercup)
3. stir it
4. put 3 eggs and stir
5. put icing sugar
6. put cocoa powder ( i used Van Houten)
7. put some Nescafe and stir
8. put water 1 1/2 cup

this is the dough...
 put in the oven for 30minutes and set the temperature..honestly our temperature controller is broken so my lil sis and i just took a good look at it..huhuhu...
finished product..tadaaaaa!!

the leftover choco topping..hmm want eat it with that cake..
honestly this is really unplanned and suddenly i felt like baking..huhu thankfully i work out..cake? huhu do it in our way following our instinct and creativity just like my lil sis's chef said Happy Birthday to my Dad..arghh can't say it out loud coz I'm quite shy..huhuhu 생일축하해요, 아빠!

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