Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After exam feeling..huhu great right? I spent whole night watching movies and reading comics..this kind of feeling is really great. When thinking about after graduation, what usually u'll think? Job hunting, buying new car, house and support your family right? Me? Same but I've already thought about it since after SPM. I got a life-plan. It is a like a flow chart and I hope I can achieve it. Back to my leisure mode, after finishing 2 hard-cracked like papers, my brain seems like cannot functioning well, it is like "empty" but at the same time a queasy feeling lingering in my chest (chewah ayat). Why? I don't have the answer. For now I want to play and forget about everything..huhuhu I never change. Next semester, I will be 4th year student but maturity still not arrive..when will I become mature? Arghh I want to be like Peter Pan..not aging and have fun all day long without any worries wohoo!! I think I become distorted now..arghh gotta go.
p/s: the writer seems to be in confuse mode actually..

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