Saturday, June 11, 2011

Endocrine Seminar Update 2011

Today me and my Yayang (Su) involved in Endocrine Seminar Update 2011 and the seminar will be held for two days. Both of us are selected as committee member by Mrs Munie (Science Officer) because they lack of man power so here comes the saviors heheehe. Both of us are in charged of  payment counter with Sis Emily. Beside payment counter, we also helped Mrs Munie with preparing receipts and arranging certificates for the participants.

Doctors and Pathologists all around Malaysia gathered here for this seminar. Actually this seminar is held once in 4 years to update all doctors and pathologist about Endocrinology. Well, during the seminar, many booths are opened by lab equipment companies and even a bookstore company.
Well, me & my Yayang done some touring around the booths and guess what? they're really nice when approaching us even though they know that we're just students. They gave us all info about the equipments they're selling and even do some demonstration infront of us. Do you know , Biomedical Students can also selling machines? Huhu it is quite interesting because we can work and travel in the same time. So what do you think guys?
After lunch, me and Yayang went back home because we're too tired and there're only slides presentation after that. To summarize, this seminar actually should be held once in two years instead of four years because to update all four years information in just two days shouldn't be enough.
Ok that's all my update for today. Bubbye (^-^)

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