Thursday, June 30, 2011

Microbiology is totally fun!!

Entering Microbiology means a lot to me as I need to remember most of bacteria, fungi and viruses names, shape and color. Encik Nizam is being a good teacher for me and Su and we're so grateful for it. There are lots to learn but just because of time constrict, I just can spend 1 week here and next week I'll go to Serology Unit. At Serology, I hope everything will be fine and can learn more there because Serology is part of Microbiology and if there's nothing to do at Serology, I'll sneak back to Microb huhu. 1 week more before I ended my practical in Hospital Putrajaya. My feeling? Of course I'm happy but at the same time I feel quite sad because need to leave such a great place where I can practice what I learned during my five years of study (Matriculation + University) and I even learned about unique human's behavioral. Well my biggest challenge is on how to cope with them and how to make them teach me the techniques. However, thanks to Allah coz they're are willing to teach me the techniques and even give extra informations huhuhu.
Ok thats all for today. Since, I didn't practice my English during practical, I sensed that my English is getting worse day by day huhuhu~~~~
oh I want to say sorry to all MLT here if I've done anything wrong.

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