Thursday, July 21, 2011

Internship report.. finished!!!

Now I can proudly say that I finished my report (^-^)
Last night was my final battle with my report (while I still read comics in the middle) I slept at 3 am huhu and woke up late this morning hehe thank god that I'm in vacation right now hehehe...well I woke up at 11am this morning because my friend, Ain kept called. Have some conversation with her and then I took my bath and printed my report. But.....

DANG IT my printer was stuck somewhere so me n my dad try our best to fix. Thank god after my shirt and my face covered by ink and battling in about 30 minutes, the printer is fixed and I started printing. After lunch, I went to nearby stationery shop to bind my report and photocopy some of material for appendix purpose. Guess what? I met my friend, Izhar, he works as part-timer at that shop. We greet each other with smile and starts chatting. Hehehe actually I had a funny memory with him during my matriculation period. I felled and I grab him with me made him almost fallen hehehe...poor guy..but that memory made him remember me and thats really embarrass me...haha I guess it is good to meet someone once in a while and remember all memories we had together huhuhuhu..sounds like 80 years old grandmama right? hohoho..
ok i think this is enough for today so..till we meet again.. bubbye (^-^)

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