Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Report LI and Blogging?

What's the connection? No! Huhu actually I'm completing my internship report while blogging. Sounds silly but that what I'm doing now. Hahaha I know I can't concentrate 100% so I'm blogging while writing my report which I guess it's 80% complete. Oh besides, I'm also playing Sorority Life on FB hehe can anybody tell me when will my report 100% finished? Hahaha nobody can I guess. Hmm quite awkward using English when writing now, maybe because I'm using too much Malay lately..hmm need to sharpen my English if I really wanna work at Southern Hemisphere right? That's my dream for now. I always wanna go the cold place and do some study that can help our earth. Yeah since lately, I noticed our earth is "sick" and need an immediate "treatment" or 10 or 20 years later it will vanish. Really hopes that day will never come but as mentioned in Al-Quran, the day of judgement is approaching and it is a must. So what so we as human do? Just lazing around and wait for that day? No! Definitely no! We must wake up and repent. Back to our Creator, Allah and try as hard as we can to avoid hell. InsyaAllah.
Hmm I guess I need to stop now because I'm getting tired and sleepy huhuhu afternoon sap strike!!! So till we meet again..bubbye (^-^)

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