Sunday, August 21, 2011

Challenge: Day 13+14

Ok first what kind of person attracts you?
Must be a male right? haha
-have a good foundation of religion
-nice towards me and my family
-must be the one who i can rely on
-positive thinker
-easy to get along with
-can lead me and the family
-family guy
-have a steady career

hahaha too many to ask? whatever coz i just list out everything inside my mind but we don't know the future right?

Second: who are you?
dey itu hari list fact..ini hari siapa pulak aku? yennadey?
hoohoho ok I'm a healthy Muslim girl who love my family and friends. Tend to be happy-go-lucky person but sometimes i can be twisted. I love knowledge and at home i love to tell stories to my sisters but they don't like to listen to it so I always being ignored (really hate it). I can be really quiet when I'm angry because when I open my mouth I always burst out tears. I love cute things and Korean culture. I love shopping but I don't like to go outside very much. I love eating with my friends but I don't like eating at restaurant because lack of privacy. I'm business minded and planning to open up a nursery for little caliphs~~~

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