Saturday, August 13, 2011

Challenge: Day Six ~A song to match your mood

When I'm happy~
FT Island - I Hope

Boyfriend - Boyfriend

When I'm sad~
2NE1 - Hurt

Bruno Mars - Grenade

When I'm angry~
Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip

Evanescence - Everybody's Fool

When I'm feeling anxious~
Linkin Park - Faint

Linkin Park - From the Inside

When I'm crazy~
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

Hee Chul & Jungmo - Close your mouth

When I'm in love~
Pussycat Doll - Stick With u

Natasha Bedingfield  - These words

When I'm down~
Inteam - Kehidupan

Miley Cyrus - The Climb


perindu_خلافة said...

mak aih.. banyaknya mood anda ^_^ huhu

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@perindu_خلافة mood yg sentiasa bertukar ~~~~ (^-^)

perindu_خلافة said...

unstable hormone!? hahaha jk :D

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@perindu_خلافة hehehe split personality? hehhehehe

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