Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind the wall

Howling with the sound of distress..
when will its over?
Groan in a misery..
how to make it better?
Betrayal, dishonesty, egoistic 
circulate in society..
Who will take the blame?
Who will break through?
Who will keep silence?
As they feel they can't be heard..
Behind the wall of freedom
where they trap in insecurity
almost drag them to asylum..
Will they found their resolution?
Or waiting to be saved?
By somebody called "hero"
but he's nowhere to be found.
Will they end up doing nothing?
Will they take a step forward?
Relying or fight for it?
Questions that need to be answered
not to be ignored.

oh I think I'm in poetic mode right now. Sorry if my poem is not good enough but you know inspiration comes and go so I just write it anyway. English literature is not my favourite subject but u know sometimes I just want to give a shot. Ok gotta go..gudde bye yeom!!

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