Saturday, October 15, 2011


These words keep playing in my head in last few days. I remember when I was a kid, I'm quite prone with my bloodline (mix Chinese+Malay) as people around me keep asking about it so I need to tell them over and over again. It's not bothering me because that showed how much they care and want to know more about me (??).
At that time, I thought to protect my bloodline, I need to get married to a Chinese guy so "the blood" will keep running in my family. I know it sounds silly but I can't help it at that time since I thought it was an important "mission". So I only looked up for Chinese guy and because of that, it influenced my preferences until now. I found slit eyes are sexy, white skin is a must, tall must be in his trait and pure red lips (due to skin complexion) is beautiful. Argh u guys might think that I'm a perv huhu but that was my preferences. I told that to my friends and they told me that my standard are too high and they also advised me to find someone that can be a guidance rather than only looks pleasant to my eyes. Yeah I guess they're right and silly me for only looks at outer appearance as their belief and faith should be taken to account. Actually, I remember about this matter due to my friends teased. They're eager to see me in a relationship and get married because I always be indifferent whenever marriage matters pops up in our conversation. They're even tried to hitch me with their friend but I think it is not possible right now as I need to achieve few more things before getting married.
It is not like I want to stay single for the rest of my life but to improve my family's life and achieving my ambition are my priorities. Yeah I know that it is not me who control my fate but if possible I really want to achieve my targets.
Back to bloodline, some might think that I'm too proud with it. Yeah I'm proud with my bloodline but I know that infront of Allah, we're all in the same level and what makes a different is our iman. If anybody out there thought that I'm being cocky about my bloodline, I am really sorry because maybe my I acted that way out of my consciences.
I guess I should stop now since I need to do my pilled up assignments. Till the next time. Gudde bye yeom!

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