Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dislike VS Hate

Same meaning? No it is huge difference for me. I may dislikes that person but to hates it is too much because who am I to hates that person? Okay let me name that person as Mr Y. He's terribly annoying but at least he didn't disrupt my privacy. He maybe cocky but sometimes he do something good. Arghh he's so unpredictable yet annoying. Hating him will be the last thing I want to do as old folks said "Do not hate anyone too much coz you might end up with that person". No!!! I can't even imagine live under the same roof with Mr Y or being with him 24/7!! Sounds perverted yet not pure~~
Mr Y, just so you know that I don't like you because of your attitude towards certain people. I likes observing so from my observation, you're quite twisted or maybe you have split personality. Oh my, you are so hard to predict~can't you at least give me a hint about your real personality? Just who the hell are you? 

p/s: even the writer is not in the right mind.

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