Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hypocrite or Adapting? 2nd version

Do you noticed that we tend to act differently towards different human that we encounter? Some say that is some sort of hypocrite. Yeah maybe because you act well mannered in front of your parents but turn up to be a jerk in front of others? Huhu that should be in another case or can I say it split personality problem? Okay what I try to convey in this post is not about split-personality so let me begin.
In my own opinion, it is not an act of hypocrite. We tend to be well-mannered in front of our parents because they are totally deserved it and we respect them. It is not like other do not deserved to be respected but you know, we tend to be a little loosed up whenever we encounter with our friends right? It is kind of weird if we are too polite with our friends, don't you guys think so? Unless your friends are polite-nature human so we tend to act like one.
Some people we just can be ourselves and have fun with it. The problem is some are not. There is still a restriction in order to keep our relationship with others will not be affected especially with too emotional person. Okay let me show you some example..when we talk with our close friend, we teased and joked but with no hard feeling but with just friends or colleagues, we might be hesitated to do so. Yeah because we don't know them well enough and afraid to hurt their feelings right? Hmm how do you act in front your crush? Must be different because we are so nervous and might end up act like a monkey (monkey? seriously??). Haha for me I just can't help myself from stuttering and blushing worse case scenario, I just keep myself out (avoiding). Okay stop! (#>.<#)
Adapting is kind of act when we try to blend in. Hmm image you are in formal event, can you speak like a gangster? Sure not! Otherwise you might be thrown out from the event by security guard. Same goes when you're in marriage ceremony, can you talk about the increasing of divorce rate? So adapting is the skill that ones should mastered or not you might end up being isolated. In term of friendship, adapting with others is important if we really want to be friend with them. It is not like just follow what they do but it is an act to avoid any unnecessary argument. But if it lead you to something bad, just leave them.
Okay I think that's enough..will update whenever I feel like updating hehehe (^-^)

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