Sunday, October 23, 2011

My "sons" part 2

I think I haven't update anything about my sons's not like I forgotten about them okay? Okay let me show u guys my sons!! They're a bit grown up now~~
Muhammad Lutfir Aqil

Hoho he's really turn up to be most handsome boy in this block baby!! He entered kindergarten early of January this year. I asked him who's the most handsome boy in his class. You know he didn't say anything but smile slyly hohoho which mean he is the most handsome boy..hahahaha even I need to acknowledge it since he's really handsome hohohoho..
Muhammad Wafiq

He's really lovely and take a good care of his younger brother, Aqlan. He's not talkative but sometimes he's quite playful and stubborn. Well I just can't help to love him more. I saw he felt quite lonely coz the attention always directed to Aqlan. Don't worry Wafiq, u know mommy loves u!!
Muhammad Aqlan

The youngest one is getting wild and naughty from day by day! Quite hard to control him but still he's sooo cute!! I sensed he's quite rough with his brother, Wafiq and always hit him if Wafiq didn't listen to him. Wah he's really naughty! When I put Wafiq on my lap, he quickly pulled Wafiq away and sat on my lap. Hahahhaa he's jealous u know? haha..Aqlan u really need to treat ur brother well!

p/s: all picture were taken during last Eid.