Thursday, November 24, 2011

Almost to the next level

arghh gonna miss this moment..
Next level of what? Of course we're almost approaching December and in the next few months, I'll be graduated student. Before this I thought I'll be happy once I'm graduated but actually the other feelings will be carried with the happiness which are sad, lost and afraid.
Sad because need to be separated with friends and foes.
Lost because I didn't really know what will happen next.
Afraid because I won't be surrounded with my trusted friends.
Full of grief I guess...but life must goes on regardless of what we wish for. We might wish for a great job with a good pay. Job that able us to practice what we've learned throughout these 6 years of study. Job that makes our parent proud. Job which put us on the higher rank of society or job that benefits others.
Me? I want to open a children nursery. Yeah I'm sure with it. I think I posted about this before..hmm but before that, I need to have enough money as open children nursery requires a lot of money to begin with. So I'm thinking about applying for a job in National Geographic or Discovery. Seems like a huge ambition but it is necessary for me to dream big to motivate myself into the higher level of achievement. I always fascinated whenever I watched those channel and hope I can do things that they done on that show.
If possible, I want to further my study but in the same time working. Maybe as Research Assistant in any university. Sounds good right? The other option is went back to the company I worked before...yeah they might offer 2.5k per month but this is the last option for me I guess.
Why suddenly I think about job? Maybe because whenever I think about the future I think about what kind of job that I'll get and how I can improve myself. Hmm maybe this is what we call "Final Year Student Dilemma?".
Well just pray for a better tomorrow.
a bit crazy~~

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