Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another update + cute pictures attack!!

I'm home..again..yeah went back yesterday afternoon with my friends. My father then fetched me at Masjid Ar-Rahmah near Greenwood. At home, I was greeted by sleeping angel, Aqlan. He's so cute and he woke up when I got neared him. He were quite surprise when looking at my contact lens's eyes..yeah since when his mommy got green eyes? Kissed him on his cheek and cuddled him for a moment. Love his scent (^-^)
After finished unpacked, I looked up into my Environmental Microbiology lab report questions. Since all answers were in the report so I just jotted down a few words.
At night, I went night market with my sister and my friend, Zareef. Nothing much, just walked around and bought few things to eat. Well he told me about his training and interviews, not like I was bored or what, just so you know,catching up with everything in night market is not so appropriate but honestly I listened to each words that came out from his mouth. After finished buying, we went back home. Ate together in my house with my sister + her friends. Talking and joking around for some time. Just happened to remember few things in past that make us laughed. We used to be classmate when we're Form 1. Then, after a while, he went back home.
Later, my sons, Aqil and Wafiq paid a visit. So excited because didn't see them for quite a long time so I carried both of them into my house..gosh they're really heavy (yeah carry both of them in a same time). They played with my hp camera and snapped few pictures by themselves. Funny when Wafiq being a cameramen while Aqil as a model (^-^). They stopped their activity when my elder sister took my hp. Poor them..
The interesting thing happened after that, Aqil keep asked me a lot of things followed by Wafiq. Of course I need answer each of their question. It is necessary to answer because it helps them to understand things. Question such as 'what if car tires are not round but in rectangular shape?' 'how car can move?' 'what type of pump can be used to pump the tires?' were asked. I keep playing with them until their eldest sister came to fetch them.

taken by Wafiq

again taken by Wafiq
Early this morning, I woke up and saw Aqlan in my house huhu..played with him for a while and took a bath after that. Eat brunch and watch TV. Late afternoon, Aqlan came again..need to hibernate my laptop since I was updating my blog at that time, so I played with him again..huhu I noticed that he didn't like me wore my glasses so he kept took it off and asked me to put it away. Then he gave me smooch at both of my cheek he also hug me a lot..huhu do you missed mommy a lot? Mommy miss you too~~
Now he left already so I continue to update my blog huhu...been thinking lately..hmm never mind,will get through it anyway (^-^)

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