Monday, November 21, 2011

Chronology of Environmental's Student ~

18-11-2011 - Went to Gombak for Basic Environmental Law's class and met Dr Maizatun for the first time. We done treasure hunt with some law students. I'm in group 6 with Husna, Yaya, Bibi, Ruwaida, Meng, Dila and Farhah. 4 law students (Ju, Mida, Ae'ah and Naufal) were in our group and they're really helpful as we do law assignment. We got Wildlife and Air Pollution as our group assignments. Finished our assignment at 4 and continued with watching a video, An Inconvenient Truth. It is actually a movie based on talk by Al-Gore which the main focus is about Global Warming and how its affect our Earth and life. I found this movie is really interesting so I kept watching till the end of it even though I'm quite tired as I didn't get enough sleep. After that, journey to Cameron Highland started as we left AIKOL at 6.20pm.
our beautiful villa~

big bear hug!!

19-11-2011 - Arrived in Cameron Highland at 2am. Quite late because of few circumstances. We settled in a house inside Forest Department in Brinchang, Cameron Highland. After getting some rest, at 8am we ate breakfast and start our activities. First, my group were assigned to clean the river. Actually it is not a real cleaning, just removing the rocks that some campers put in the river which act as a "dam" and retain some water. It is actually not good for river's flow and as they took rocks from the river's bank, that particular site is almost collapse because of not enough support. Later, we done our sampling in Robinson Falls. At night, after dinner, we went to Pasar Malam Brinchang. I done some shopping and ate strawberry gelato and strawberry chocolate~~yummy~~Then went back and finished our experiment which involving microbes. We tried to do after sampling but the power generator were acting strange and we didn't want to take any risk so we just left it and continue with the supervision of Bro Faezal after visiting night market.
organic farm

Bharat Tea plantation

20-11-2011 - Last day in Cameron Highland. Went to visit Mr Lee's organic farm and listened to his life experiences. Like it because he got the points and delivered it in enthusiastic manner. Later, we visit KEA farm market. Again, I bought a lot of things to eat and end up full until evening. Lastly, we visit Bharat tea plantation. Such a vast tea farm and with a great view..subhanallah..wondering how the workers collect all tea leaves....Then we went back to Kuantan. Journey ended with a big smile on everyone faces..right?

p/s: due to my health problems, I can't really be hyper during this trip...sobs sobs (TT.TT)


perindu_خلافة said...

thanx for the strawbery nasrin~
really² appreciate that.. ^_^

RuBy said...

Nak strawberry gak!!!
#oksilalempangaku~ hahah

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@perindu_خلافة u r welcome (^-^)
huhu penat nak convincekan rizqan ari 2..huhu
u nk stobelli ke?

andeeka said...

haha,,,cameron best!!!! pas ni kta kena wat ag trip...xkisah ar sampling k x...haha,,,,kita nak hbis stdy dah kowt...sblm msing2 bwa haluan...bek enjoy this moment kan huhu,,,so nextdestination? haha

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@andeeka Pulau Sipadan!! hehe
2 la mmg nak wt gak trip tp mgkn sem dpn kot sbb sem ni rmi yg dh pokai ma~~
Next sem siapkn FYP cpt2 pastu blhla kte b'suke ria kat mne2..huhuhu~~

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