Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting bored? Ahaha I got my lifesaver~~

At home there will be a moment when I'm getting bored with everything...especially when I kept repeating my daily routine over and over again..other thing, just because there is only 1 tv equipped with Astro in the living room so I can see there are strong competition occurs every time if any of us wanted to tune into their favorite just because I'm always the minority, I just let them watch whatever they want and escape into my comics library (my bedroom). Now my comics collection almost filled in every empty spot at the cupboard..hmm I think I need to buy a new cupboard but seems like i got some problem with space. My comics are my oasis~ That's the fact that no one can even argue about it..

Back to TV avoid from any argument, I only watched my favorite channel when no one is around or when I posses the remote control. My favorite channel is History channel 555. Weird? Don't care~~ I love watching this channel because it always impresses me with excellent information. Last night (at about 2am) I watched King of is a program about one group of people fixed a lot of 'antique'/ old things. It is fun to watch as when thing people usually consider it as piece of junk can turn out to be something that can be displayed and used. After that, I watched Modern Marvel : Deep freeze. I can say this is the coolest program I ever watched because it is about kryogenic. Word kryogenic originated from old greek kryos which mean ice cold or too cold. The program begin with largest Ice-cream storage in USA which use ammonia as their cooling material. However, there is several thing need to be considered as they modified their cooling system to accustoms with ammonia property. Second is the usage of liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen present in gaseous state in our normal temperature. In order to liquefy nitrogen, 292 Kelvin of temperature is required. It is below 0 degree Celsius. If we direct contact liquid nitrogen with bare hand more than a second, frost bite will occur. Next is dry ice or freeze carbon dioxide. It has been produced by recycling ammonia originated from the farm's waste which then will react with certain chemical and release carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide then will be processed into dry ice. Later, about liquid hydrogen and oxygen that has been used as combustive in space rocket. Both material are separated with one inch of foam inside the outer storage. When they want to ignite the rocket, 1 part of hydrogen and 6 part of oxygen will be mixed up and "boom"!! the reaction cause combustion and release the rocket.

Do you guys know about Hubble? Who's Hubble? Actually Hubble is the space telescope which always send the information to human. It is also led to breakthrough of astrophysics. Now they want to replace Hubble with the new space telescope which of course has the advance features, James Webb Space Telescope. It is planned to be launched on 2018 click here to read more. So what's the problem? They want JWST to be able to be 'neared' to the Sun so they're in progress making a few layer of cooling material to cover the telescope as to avoid it from burning. The last topic in Modern Marvel: Deep freeze is human cryonic. A company named Alcor, has been using kryogenic material to freeze death body which they planned to "reinstate" their life back in the future. USD 80 000 for brain freeze and USD 150 000 for whole body. Anyone interested? Click here .
Forget to tell, I watched Journey to the Earth Core yesterday's about how deep human has been gone in order to collect the mineral, investigate the microbes and even doing silly thing such as marathon at 2000 ft underground.
Okay I think I update just enough to make up two days entry huhu..ok gotta go (^-^) bye yeom!!!

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