Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home with my siblings

At home, I can be either hyperactive or totally passive. It's actually depends on my mood and my siblings behavior. Yesterday, we went to One Utama to watch Hong Kong Ghost Stories....honestly it is not a good movie to watch and totally boring...please do not watch it..since all the ingredient for cooking are prepared earlier so it's okay for us to go out and watch movie.
I woke up late today, yeah quite late even though I slept early last night..washed up and played my keyboard before eating rendang huhu..I played She is..(Kim Sam Soon's OST) and So sick by Neyo, it is because I heard Sung Gyu sang these song and totally captured my heart~~~
Silly trio~~
After that, me, Nadirah and Wani head to KKB, yeah now I'm in Koh Saerah's..met Mak De and Rahman just now..they had lunch here and already went back to Padang Golf if I'm not I'm alone in front of my laptop and doing some updates..haha poor me..since both Nadirah and Wani flew back to dreamland...
Ok gotta go..hope will update interesting things later~~

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