Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lil update

crazy couple hahahaha~~
This morning I got Research Methodology midterm examination. Honestly I don't really study much on this subject, I don't know why..maybe it's not really "appealing" for me. The questions are quite balance, meaning some are easy and some are tough..when I open the question paper, I'm quite shock but quickly recover as I psyched myself to be calm or I'll mess up! Then, I slowly starts to answer. Finished at about 9.15am but I keep checking my answer..yeah don't want to regret later..after satisfied with my answer, I left the exam hall. Okay at this time, something funny happened..there is one brother walks in front of me, he opened the door but he didn't hold it (it is a common sense u hold the door so people behind you will easily go out) so I reached my hand to hold it. He suddenly felt guilty so he turn to me and said sorry, well I'm quite blur after exam so..arghh I showed my blur+looking angry face to him and give a small nod (i don't think he notice me nodding). At that time, I can see that he looked quite scared and he left quickly. I don't know whether I should laugh or not but..hahaha personally I think this is funny..oh poor that brother~sorry I can't change my Japanese terrorist looks..
Tomorrow I got Environmental Microbiology midterm exam. I really like this subject and hopes that I can score..insyaAllah will do my best. I'll start study at the evening or night coz for now I want to give a rest to my brain as it works quite hard this morning..oh my poor baby brainy..think wanna take a nap now so bubbye yeom!

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