Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I don't know how to start but I want to give a piece of my mind regarding of manner. This morning I had RM quiz (as mentioned in previous entry) as I don't study and just read novel whole night so I just randomly answered that quiz. After that, me and my friends went to lab office and met Dr Deny to discuss about our FYP.
Sounds like normal routine for us right?
Something shocking happened when we were in NP lab. We went there to confirm about the filter paper that we'll be used for FYP but as an extra, we watched a student caused a scene in that lab. Something about FYP and looked like that student blamed Senior L.A. because of lost of data.
To that student:
I sincerely want to advice you about your manner just now. You aren't supposed to be mad at Senior L.A. because that is actually your own mistake. If you are happened to used any equipment in lab, make sure that you save the data in your pendrive or laptop. It is not others fault if your data is deleted. Furthermore, that person is obviously older than you so be respectful. Plus, why do you want to make a scene in front of others? That person has a pride so are you but you are acting recklessly and thrown your anger in front of us, the accidentally audiences. Honestly, I was really ashamed with your action because now our image as 4th year student has been tainted by your rude act. Hope you will ponder upon your mistake today and apologize to that person. BTW please think who are you to yell at that person?
I felt angry but at the same time ashamed with that student action. For your information, FYP is a personal project so we are responsible on it not others. Lab Assistants are there to help us in our project but they're not entitled to be your personal servant so don't think highly about yourself. Me and my friends always asked for LA's help and they generously help us. Be nice and polite to others won't hurts right?
I think I need to stop writing for now as Zohor approaching..ok will update later.

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